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The Caroline Springs RSL Sub-Branch has only been operational since November 2013 and our core business is to ensure current serving and

ex-serving personnel and their dependents have ready access to Welfare, Pensions and appropriate Heath services.  The Sub-Branch has a strong focus on promoting, educating and conducting appropriate commemorative activities.  Our Welfare team conduct visits to Age Care Facilities, Hospitals and Mental Health providers to assist and support those with high needs.  We have many volunteers who actively assist the Sub-Branch with selling poppies and badges during the Appeal periods, to provide valuable funds to support the local veteran community with their welfare needs.  Our Social Committee plan regular bus trips and social activities for our members and those socially isolated.       

We aim to continue to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to the broader community. Our Sub-Branch network provides opportunity for individuals to become part of the local community to ensure commemoration and the tradition of the RSL name continues. 

Caroline Springs RSL Sub Branch
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